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Not updating past woot items

Learn to spot the questions where you can just search the relevant section of the MPEP for the paragraph with a list of the answers (‘Which of the following is NOT a criterion for determining xxxx) As mentioned above, some questions about correcting a request for priority in a PCT application, one where the patent # referenced as the priority app was correct, but the date wrong, and you needed to determine the latest date by which the priority could be corrected. There were also quite a few questions on missing drawings.

While there may not have been all that many word-for-word repeats, the test was still very manageable.

inter parts Spanish phone design question variant 102d 2 month rule for final office action Number of Rejections Required for Appeal purposes when count from parent to continuation Claim of priority to Japanese national app to overcome prior art How /when to claim benefit Restriction Requirement / Continuation Application Appeal: New ground of rejection Reissue/Filing Amendment best mode question supplement oath in reissue I think that you have to really know the exams from the past 2 years.

You can search the MPEP by chapter (so you have to know where to find the answer) or you can search the index of all the chapters. the MPEP text is pretty small which can be hard to read. For the questions I wasn’t sure such as: what is in accordance with the MPEP rules or what is not in accordance or questions type ….except I knew in what chapter to look and I typed the main word in “find” and I got the answer they were looking for.

I had a 60 minutes break which starts immediately after the first 3 hours. And thank you again for everyone’s advices and posts!