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I'm a nurse and feel like every little thing that goes wrong with a person's health doesn't need a doctors appointment. I was amazed at how easy it was to get an answer to my question. When you get to my age, it's not easy to go to doctor's offices. It's really nice because you have a bunch of specialists who can quickly tell you if it's serious and needs an emergency room visit or something that can wait for a regular appointment. Morse helped me with a problem that I was uncomfortable discussing with my regular gynecologist.

I’m originally from Ohio, but I currently live in Vietnam and work as a yoga teacher.

I not only use this site but recommend it for our customers who just need to have their medical questions answered. I feel really good about vising Just Health Experts.

I had several questions that needed immediate answers, but I couldn't schedule a doctors visit for a few weeks. They are very concerned, and they make you feel like you came to the right place for advise.

I have played and dealt with many cats growing up, with many of them living outside of our house in a green, mountainous area. 2 weeks ago, my husband had a bad cough and felt very tired. I was very close to my grandson, but I never touched him. t cough or sneeze, but I was close to him for several minutes.

Although I can not recall any cat showing even minor symptoms of being rabid, I cannot help but worry that I somehow caught the disease silently from a carrier and it is incubating inside of me. s 31st birthday gathering at a restaurant with 8 adults and my 3 month old grandson. Those were his only symptoms, and it lasted for almost a week. Most of the other people at this restaurant gathering touched and held and kissed my grandson many times.

The internet sources state that the virus can be transmitted if it is incubating inside of the cat and it can be in the salivary glands with no noticeable symptoms. Because my husband had been sick, I was asked to not touch my grandson, so I didn? I sat next to my son and for a few minutes he held my grandson, during which time I talked and cooed to him. 2 or 3 days later my grandson got sick with a cough and runny nose, and later with upset stomach, throwing up, and even some blood in his stool! re all very concerned and my son and his wife have been to their doctor more than once. Could I have caused my grandson to get sick because I had been in the same house as my coughing husband?

I have not been bitten by cats outside of playful interactions and never punctured the skin, however I worry that maybe a contaminated hand of mine could have rubbed my eye and I could've caught the disease or that the virus could have made its way through my skin from a hard playful bite.? 2 weeks ago, my husband had a bad cough and felt very tired. I was very close to my grandson, but I never touched him. Or is it more likely that someone who touched the restaurant doorknobs and chairs and table and menu AND my grandson is the source of my grandson? I got tired of making appointments just to have my questions answered.

Living in India, one isn't always sure if the doctor is providing the best medical treatment.