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A polluted environment is reflected in abnormalities and deformities in the amphibians.

Inevitably, every action, good or bad, in the past and future, will eventually become part of the recorded history of this area.

Newsletter #93 March 2017 Editorial Our members and readers found the articles on the frogs, bees and Cicadas in our previous newsletter very informative, while some thought that the articles on SA’s dam levels and the impact of household waste were interesting. Regarding the article on frogs in Newsletter 92 – did you know?

Frogs are important bio-monitors, and their state of health is a clear indicator of the health of the environment.

Moreover, according to the Blue Drop Report, South Africa’s drinking water quality had declined sharply from 2013, especially in the country’s poorest provinces, and hundreds of millions of rands that had been budgeted for improving water quality had not been spent.