Start Perl script for updating ip in dns

Perl script for updating ip in dns

set your connected network to favorite in the network menu * fixed multi file /conf/no-untar bug (bagira) * added output to webend UMSP SVN plugin downloading * updated UMSP plugin enabling system * fixed Samba/rtorrent issues when SSHPORT is set * lowered rtorrents cpu priority * updated psychodad's autores, now supports audio/subtitle channel selection - 2010-08-10 * recompiled rtorrent with proper xml-rpc support for rutorrent * upgraded to rutorrent-3.1 * rutorrent plugins are started when rtorrent starts so RSS/etc work immediately * fixed issue causing rtorrent not to restart if it was started with RTORRENT_DIR not set * fixed rtorrent 'pausing' issue * included all rutorrent plugins (configure via /conf/rutorrent.plugins.conf) * Zoster's UMSP patches for svn plugin self-enabling * removed deprecated files for lighttpd/deluge/python * fixed typo in untar of /conf/* UMSP SVN plugin download can be disabled (UMSP_SVN=OFF) * disabled IP obtain at boot for faster boot time * upgraded to php5-cgi-5.3.2-1 (fixes * included php5-geoip * included rtmpdump-2.3-1 * random WDLXTV motd * Movie Sheet & WDTVExt plugin Reloader debug messages turned off (see MOVIESHEET_DEBUG & RELOADER_DEBUG) * set PANDORA=OFF to disable pandora binary and save memory hide it from the OSD * actually include bagira's hungarian localization * disabled automatic NTP at boot for faster boot time * Optional WDLXTV census, disabled by default (to enable WDLXTV_CENSUS=ON) * changed all symlinks in /var from /tmp - /tmp/.root/var, so they aren't lost to the clutter * fixed ifconfig calling net.mounts at boot, pausing OSD if DISABLE_ETHERNET_ON_STANDBY=ON * updated net.mounts examples to include ro flag to prevent Spinning-Circle-Of-Doom * changed xmount to mount CIFS/NFS ro if rw is not explicitly specified to prevent SCOD * changed jaggy Shoutcast icon with Psycho THC's shoutcast icon *** BUGS: * no thumbs in first two levels of local folders view (still) * unrar button in webend is broken * pibos WDTVExt dynamic extension software integrated * thespecialist's WMAPro audio support * psychodad's autoframerate/resolution patch * recliq's moviesheet plugin * recliq's WDTVExt plugin manager * Auto Zoom overscan fix during video playback * forcehdmi option for resolutions not contained in EDID * Samba/fixes for missing/nonworking network shares * Zosters's UMSP-0.14 with searching capability * OK button comes before cancel in network share login & resume message boxes * UMSP plugins are pulled from svn on boot, enable them individually through webend * multi-file custom UMSP plugins enabled (/conf//conf/umsp-plugins.tgz) * fixed peristent video resume points file on local device; video_resume_point_table * Setting for password protected Samba shares with guest read only access * Samba debug level can be set * fixed /boot with FS * webend symlink permission fixes * youtube HD fix * rtorrent-0.8.6-1 included * rutorrent-3.0 included * ffmpeg-SVN-r22988 included * curl_7.20.0-3 included * new user supplied init.d script now avaiable: /conf/S99user-script * sorted path/plugin errors (mostly) in rutorrent * linksheets disabled, recliq's WDTVExt movisheet plugin enabled * Python removed * Deluge removed * fixed load.webplugin bug causing rogue setup links in webend * included mediainfo-0.7.25 * included apache2 * ability to set custom telnet/ssh ports * /dev/sda1 is now fsck'd if root.bin/FS exists at boot * included tcpdump-3.9.8 * fixed domain wide auth * updated osd pages to * jamiroo's corrected spanish localization *'s corrected german localization * avkiev's corrected russian localization * jamiroo's catalan localization * Staduk's Greek localization * bagira's Hungarian localization * Re MARKable's dutch localization * moved deluge/nzbget/umsp/webend web dirs to /usr/share * lots of extra logging in scripts for bug report in webend * rewritten - usb hubbed devices now mounted under the slot they're plugged into (media library = off) * tons & tons of bug patches & minor enhancements/tweaks * updated to official fw 1.02.21!!!

) * fixed options mess up in crazymount preventing osd/app mounting * all irc settings are persistent * fixed passworded Samba shares & 1.02.21 * fixed load.webplugin for UMSP/Deluge/nzbgetweb/etc * added link target to webend links for new tab / no js * fixed FS loading * update webend css to make left column wider * corrected S00custom-options with movie sheet types & Samba protection * fixed custom villa_and screen_* patched crazymount to fix Mounts functionality * fixed typo's in several osd files * increased php Upload Max File Size to 4M * lots&lots of random script maintenance & optimizations * even more logging (bug report included in webend) *** BUGS: * no thumbs in first two levels of local folders view * includes derlinuxers tweaks for dynamic webplugin loading into webend * derlinuxer's S01ntp patch for static IP * fixed /usr/bin/bandwidth_test * fixed various osd backgrounds * fixed USB_POWER_OFF=1 no bug * optimized * new /conf/ monitor * logos for youtube HD, shoutcast, & easynews in switchers * new now playing overlay * updated wireless-tools / fixed wireless adapters * better detection of preferred wireless network * updated live365 shoutcast proxy * included eiri (allows remote control remapping and command execution) * tweaked live365 pages * updated wireless drivers to 1.02.19 version (no extra chipset compatability) * fixed net.agent (WDLXTV-G2) * updated NTP with static IP * included iperf-2.0.4-5 & choekstr's bandwidth_test script * optimized various scripts * included Zoster's UMSP-0.1.2 media server (WDLXTV-Live) *** includes Revision3, Shoutcast, Apple Trailers, BBC podcasts...

* included Mr_Miyagi's Webend (WDLXTV-Live) * WDLXTV_LIVE-MINIMAL now includes lighttpd/php5-cgi/perl (default disabled) * You Tube-switcher enabled (WDLXTV-Live) (requires LIGHTTPD=ON) *** You Tube HD : D (see S00custom-options) (WDLXTV-Live) *** included rezmus Easy News-proxy beta You Tube-switcher (WDLXTV-Live) * patched several issues with WPA2PSK (wdlxtv-G2) * fixed Deluge state dir (WDLXTV-Live) * included live365-switcher (WDLXTV-Live) (requires LIGHTTPD=ON) *** rezmus Shout Cast-proxy live365-switcher included (see S00custom-options) * included fixed russian/italian/german translations * fixed cifs-interceptor with NFSD=OFF (WDLXTV-Live) * added rt2570, rt73, rtl8187 wireless drivers (WDLXTV-G2) * fixed double mounts with media library disabled * included Re MARKables netherlands translation (see S00custom-options) (WDLXTV-Live) * fixed Samba (windows) exported shares & auto exporter * added You Tube key saver (WDLXTV-Live) * fixed cifs-interceptor (WDLXTV-Live) * USB_POWER_OFF=1 works now (attached devices off during standby) * CODEPAGE & IOCHARSET are used in mounting for non-english filesystems * disabled ETH_xx_ACTION(s), replaced with POWER_xx_ACTION(s) * re-included missing lighttpd & enabled lighty-enable-mod * included mod_magnet & mod_webdav for lighttd * tweaked 10,11,12 item list views * included liblua5.1-0 (5.1.4-5) * Switched NTP to default OFF (WDLXTV-G2) * various script tweaks & bug fixes * added ftp & zip binaries * WDLXTV_G2 now available for WDTV HD Gen 2 devices * added better system On/Off detection for turning off/on USB bus * patched to show subtitle delay without audio channel info (thx rezmus) * Deluge updated to 1.2.1-1 * included nfsd (kernel) NFS server * new auto-export mode for Samba & NFSD servers * Samba binaries from official fw 1.02.14 * Samba shares can be password protected * NTP works with static IP & wireless now * included all available NLS/codepage modules (see S00custom-options) * XFS and Reiser FS drives now supported * rezmus patch for custom fonts in OSD themes * online-delayer now pings self instead of gateway * Deluge auth file located at /conf/* is now * fixed a few lib symlinks *** Include with and when you flash *** * resized youtube home dark box image to fit * changed windows resolve order back to official FW order * added zoster's 11/12 & bonus 10 item list views * included techflaws corrected german UI translation * added 2 additional video info overlay options (see S00custom-options) * fixed smbd zombies in ext3-boot-live * ssh/scp/sftp clients changed to openssh binaries * included ssh-copy-id for passwordless login from wdtv-live * /sbin/usb.and /sbin/usb.turn off/on usb bus power (thx pibos) * fixed openssl cert/private symlinks * full md5sum & netstat included * updated S00custom-options * updated libxml, libssl, libz, & libcrypto * moved around libs to mirror debian-wdlxtv-live * added /etc/screenrc & /etc/ssh/ssh_config & /etc/ssl/(bind mount over for custom) * now based on official firmware 1.01.24 * fixed firmware signature byte order == seamless upgrade from official * widened various youtube views * fixed optical drive double mounts * added www-data to cdrom group * fixed php-cgi arguments * fixed bug0.3.4.5 * fixed loading from devices with space's in label * streamlined custom usage * additional (non offficially mounted) devices are now added to smb config * added ssh-public-key to display public key * wdlxtv-live-minimal now available (no php/python/perl/nzbget/deluge/lighttpd) * updated net.mounts with curlftpfs & sshfs examples * firmwares are now fully (48B) signed * modified /sbin/suspend (stops all startup scripts) * added /sbin/resume (reverse of suspend) * rarfs included (not automagic atm -- or perfect) * unrar-seek included * disabled cd-manager (optical drive access option in UMSP) * removed busybox blkid symlink * fixed extra umounting / NOUUID bug * ethernet actions order enforced * fixed bug dealing with multiple partition devices * fixed bug causing duplicate NOUUID devices to show up * fixed HFS device mounting issue * Hub support *should* be pretty spot on * fixed custom-language-XX input, custom OSD translations now load * can supply customized file (include at root of attached device-experimental) * fixed FTP server 425 error issue (add -H flag) * fixed sshfs & outgoing scp (use public key auth) * fixed timezone (added export to shell profile) * enabled outgoing ssh identity * corrected typo in lighttpd server.upload-dirs location * updated ntfs-3g-2010.1.16 * fixed chsh 0.3.4 * using Paragon NTFS driver, NTFS devices *should* now mount correctly (finally) * curlftpfs-0.9.2-1 included * openssl-0.9.8k-7 included * fixed nzbget webui images not showing up * Deluge state directory enabled (requires power cycle after changing torrent watch dir) 0.3.3 * fixed nzbgetweb default upload dir to match default nzbget watch dir * fixed online.delayer to accomodate space at end of nameserver line * rezmus's audio/video info & youtube header dmaosd patches * widened generic thumbs selected title * libfuse2-2.8.1-1.1 included * strace-4.5.19-1 included * sshfs now works [maybe ] * gettext-0.17-8 included for custom translations * more libs are md5'd / dupe files symlinked for space * HFS devices are now fsck'd before mounting to fix r/o issue * experimental ext4 support (mounted as ext3) * possible NTFS fix for * lighttpd server.upload-dirs now writeable * php5-cgi error logging enabled /var/log/php5 0.3.2 * fixed group/shadow/passwd to enable lighttpd * fixed /etc/init.d/S96deluge to enable deluge * fixed /etc/init.d/S96nzbget to enable nzbget * fixed deluge config persistence * unrar-nonfree-3.8.5-1 included * actually included par2-0.4 * lighttpd can be disabled (config_tool -c APACHE=OFF) * deluge webui can be disabled (config_tool -c DELUGEWEBUI=OFF) * Merry Christmas!!!

(assembly code patch) (b-rad) * Youtube HD works again, with proper resolution fallback (RMerlin) * Youtube HD is activated by default now at 480P on reset (b-rad) * loads of system/memory tweaks to decrease footprint (b-rad) * fixed WDTVExt plugin issues when reset happens (1.02.21_wdlxtv-live) (RMerlin) * Youtube & shoutcast proxies are downloaded every boot to accomodate server changes (b-rad) * fixed Media Mark internal plugin & std mode moviesheets (1.02.21_wdlxtv-live) (recliq) * fixed linksheets & std mode moviesheets (recliq) * upnp-meta command fixed for valid meta data in upnp-cmd (recliq) * extra UMSP svn repos enabled (b-rad) * fixed broken wireless encryption settings page (b-rad) * sped up ipup when executed with net already up (b-rad) * wdlxtv-db integration for custom media database (recliq) * set blkid to utilize cache to prevent sleeping drives from spinning up (b-rad) * added noatime & nodiratime options to mounts to increase disk performance (b-rad) * fixed exported share issue dealing with devices with no UUID (b-rad) * streamlined NETAPP's in crazymount (b-rad) * increased loopbacks to 32 and updated binaries to support it (b-rad) * fixed top row of thumbs not showing in WALL msheet modes (b-rad) * updated all localizations (bovirus et all) * fixed path issue with Optware /opt binaries (b-rad) * fixed module loading from (b-rad & recliq) * added sqlite3 binary (b-rad) * ROOT_UUID for selective device (non /dev/sda1) external firmware loading (b-rad) * ROOT_TAG for 'tagged' external firmware loading (b-rad) * fix net.mounts issue with shares having spaces in their names (b-rad) * fixed Samba passwords not saving (b-rad) * set auto_restart=1 to support seagate & other drives with power management (b-rad) * experimental 1.04.22 ext3-boot's for live & plus (b-rad) * recompiled Samba to 3.5.6 (RMerlin) * fixed cdrom not mounting right when its not /dev/sr0 (b-rad) * fixed retail dvd's no media library to fail eject (b-rad) * fixed linksheets configuration in firmwares with no wdtvext (b-rad) * colourized disk usage progress bars in webend (RMerlin) * WEC tuning, setting fixes & LOADS of updates (RMerlin) * webend tweaks (RMerlin) * fix led bug in autores (b-rad) * fixed broken default list (10) & thumb (8) views which were 'stuck' in sheet mode (wdlxtv-live) * fixed error with moviesheet xml selection * wdlxtv-plus is based off official firmware 1.03.49 * experimental wdlxtv-live base fw branch - 1.03.49 (missing features) * updated logos by Pennhaven & new pennhaven_bg chrome backdrop option * fixed nfsd & samba setting checks preventing operation * fixed clearing of youtube & live365 switchers * fixed live365 switcher on non 1.02.21 firmwares * correct station graphics causing system lockup in shoutcast live365 switcher (wdlxtv-live/plus) * patched smbtree to fix cifs-interceptor * fixed webend reboot (RMerlin) * forced std mode sheet moviesheet enhancement (wdlxtv-live) (recliq) * tweaked webend reboot to show visual progress (RMerlin) * patched net.mount WEC issues with various filesystems (RMerlin) * updated mt-daapd to 1.03.49's version * moved VIDEO_INFO_BAR into the loop to be checked more than once at boot * fixed syntax error on nzbget stop * patched suhosin php config to get rid of variable length errors * experimental ext3-boot live/plus base fw branches - 1.04.10 * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's do *NOT* have wdtvext or autores * 1.03.49 & 1.04.10 WDLXTV's are *NOT* compatible with 1.01.77/1.02.21 themes - 2010-12-24 * fixed DTS & AC3 in wdlxtv-g2 (for real this time) * WMAPro audio support removed from wdlxtv-g2 (related to DTS/AC3 bug) * fixed preview mode (wdlxtv-g2) * wdlxtv-plus is based off 1.03.49_B * fixed RT2870/RT3070/RT3370 wifi driver (wdlxtv-g2) * fixed WEP wifi encryption (wdlxtv-g2) * delayed config_tool monitor 40s * fixed shoutcast (live/plus) * updated localizations for missing strings * added Polish & Slovakian localizations (wdlxtv-g2) * include missing libdvd libs (wdlxtv-g2) * add.webplugin now cleans up dupes * fixed VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2 & VIDEO_INFO_BAR=3 (wdlxtv-plus) * added support for WEP, WPAPSK, & WPA2PSK wifi encryption types & IPUP=ON (wdlxtv-live/plus) * fixed WEC autores settings to use 0/1 instead of OFF/ON - 2010-12-17 (unreleased on live/plus) * fixed optical drive functionality * retail DVD support (!!!!!

For instructions on custom OSD translations click here.

You use S00custom-options by placing it at the root of a device, then power cycling your WDTV Live with the device attached.

The changes go into affect after a single power cycle, then S00custom-options can be removed until you need it again.

The forums are an excellent source for advice and I highly suggest you check them out. In addition if there are any packs, containing self sufficient application packages, on a boot drive they will be loaded.