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Bánh lọt is a common ingredient in a Vietnamese dessert drink called chè, or more commonly chè ba màu.

This might suggest that in tropical Java, dawet is a traditional sweet dessert drink that predates the adoption of refrigeration technology.

It is possible that other countries then developed their own recipes once ice became readily available.

Cendol of the olden times Singapore were kept in a transparent glass bottle and without any cover.

Cendol has been declared a Malaysian heritage food by the Malaysian Department of National Heritage.

While Thai lot chong is more closer to Javanese original, only consists of green worm-like jellies, coconut milk, liquid palm sugar and shaved ice.

Another variant is a black cendol called es dawet ireng from Purworejo, Central Java. Instead of green pandan leaf, this black cendol acquired its color from merang or the ash of burned rice stalk mixed with water.

Traditionally in Java, the green jelly noodle is made from the sago starch extracted from the trunk of aren plant.

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