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Poly relationship dating sites

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Once, my husband had a partner who was just the exact opposite of me, physically, intellectually, even politically. I could just see the way they interacted together; it brought out a totally different side of him. We've been dating for a few years and our connection is mostly sexual.

" We don't have to "let" each other do things; it's not our job to parent our partners, or keep them in line, or punish or reward them.

We don't want to be policing each other, that's not the kind of relationship we want. The most common question I get asked is whether I get jealous. It's an emotion, just like sadness, loneliness, anger, excitement, and joy. You work through jealous feelings just like you work through the rest of your feelings.

We rely on each other also for emotional support with things that are going in both of our lives.