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Due to traditional patriarchal structures, men felt more pressured to earn money, while unemployment rates went up.

The century-long trend female population dominance has changed over the last year. A clear male surplus has previously been attributed to countries such as India, China and Saudi-Arabia, where there is a clear preference for male over female children. The surplus in Sweden is noticeable as of 2015, and according to population expert Tomas Johansson, countries like Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and the UK might also tilt towards a male majority population.

Why then are countries in Northern Europe – famous for their gender equality – experiencing the same population imbalances? The first is that men are becoming older in wealthier countries.

In this article, the central theme will be the sex ratio of European countries and cities.

Although the sex ratio does not seem to be a very visible or threatening issue, it does heavily impact the daily lives of EU citizens.

An over-all female surplus can be detected in Southern Europe as well, although it is uncertain why exactly this is the case.

In the Northern Europe, the gender balance of the population has shifted.

While women were first seen as housewives, obliged to stay at home to do the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children, a shift occurred in the eighties and nineties, where the woman had to fulfil an economic role as well.