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Random teen sex

"And we found social media used to both incite and plan crime.” Earlier this year, we told you about the secret text message that your kids need to know.

Teens chose from adult titles or continued to read books intended for children.

One foundation of YA literature can be seen in the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books, which contained occasional references to the mere existence of relationships.

Sex presents a complex problem in libraries with regard to how we interact with our patrons.

We all want to protect children–our youngest group of patrons–from overt sexual references, yet for adult patrons of public libraries, we allow open access to sex so long as they comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

The library has always been a bastion of information, and in this topic, as in any subject, we should strive to provide the most accurate and factual information for our patrons.

If the material is there, tweens and teens will read it.

Many of the examples are warnings adults are nearby, like CD9 for "parents are around", POS for "parents over shoulder" or PAW for "parents are watching".