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In this video: Plus size model posing in front of the camera, Obsessed with her tummy photographer wants to touch it, Katy refuses and he takes it by force, Katy is liying on the bed bound and gagged, He licks and caresses her perfect belly, He pushes his fingers into the belly button hard and bites her making her cry It supposed to be a usual photo session for Katy, a plus size model working for well-known lingerie brands. But then she noticed that the photographer does lots of close-ups instead of full body shots. First he denies, but in a minute he confesses that he is a belly lover and really loves how her belly looks like.

He clutches his chest, his breathing is real heavy can’t catch his breath. It happened before (see the clips ) and now the new wave of the disease swept the city.

(Camera hovers to view of her body with the chip on forehead). Then you press another button and she quickly stands up. You press the ATTENTION button, the chip blinks, and she stops in her tracks, arms limp, then turns and walks to the couch and sits.

You have a remote control, and activate the chip on her forehead with it. She stands still for a few moments, as camera explores her frozen blank staring body. You command her to undress with the press of a button.

Then you order her to stop; she stands to attention, boot heels together.

Until the chip takes full power, then stands to attention, heel to heel, eyes wide open, mouth agape; slave again.

Katy is frustrated and goes to the door intending to leave. The guy is so obsessed with her sexy tummy that he just loses his head. He desires to posess this belly, touch it, lick and bite it. [MP4 Full HD 1920x1080] - [WMV HD 1280x720] - [MP4 Tablet 854x480] : Hungry and sexual Vampiress, Unaware and helpless victim, Desperation and fear in victim's eyes, Vampire is feeding from the cervical artery, Life is slowly leaving victim's body, Empty body is thrown on the floor She appears behind his back, sexual and [email protected] Vampiress. Hush, little one, a dinner doesn't have the right of speech.

His smell tells her his skin is soft and his life juice is sweet. Another time She would chat, but now she is starving.

You wave your hand in front of her, poke her arm a few times, calling her name with no reaction. She takes off her clothes, down to her undergarments and socks. I want to be with you always, and do whatever you want me to do whenever you want me to do it.