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Russian bukharian jewish israel dating

This Israeli-style grill from Yalli and Mike Avitan serves an extensive menu of glatt kosher meats and traditional Jewish dishes, from aromatic veal and turkey shawarma served over silky hummus to spiced lamb kofta kebabs, spicy shakshuka tomato stew baked with eggs, and a distinctive mashed eggplant-tahini starter.

And that stunningly diverse immigrant infusion has transformed this vast and too-often ignored swath of the city into a positively thrilling culinary destination for international flavors.

For two months, I feasted on Uzbek kebabs and Brazilian churrasco, Transylvanian stuffed cabbage, stellar Vietnamese banh mi, and flaming Portuguese sausage.

It may lack the upscale ambiance of chains like Fogo de Chao or Chima, but I far prefer it for the quality and value of the well-seasoned meats (especially the signature picanha top sirloin) cooked over real charcoal and sliced to order for $8.99 a pound or $25 for all you can eat.

The buffet of salads, sides, and black beans is true home cooking, and the flan is one of the city’s best (see accompanying recipe).

Suzani serves an Uzbek menu of rice pilafs, dumplings, and skewers similar to others in the neighborhood (though it is particularly known for its warm beef tongue in mushroom sauce).

What’s most notable, though, is Suzani’s uniquely beautiful and evocative dining room wrapped in a patchwork of Uzbek tapestries.

But the Mayfair, judging by my pleasant lunch and Gumbo Bob's steady devotion, is one of the few that has changed little, despite a change in ownership after decades under the watch of the same family.