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Russian dating space profiles profile

When he finishes, I attempt to start the interview by asking about the Tesla Model 3 launch a week earlier, and what it felt like to stand onstage and tell the world he'd just pulled off a plan 14 years in the making: to bootstrap, with luxury electric cars, a mass-market electric car.

And sure enough, within two months of the launch, both GM and Jaguar Land Rover announced they were planning to eliminate gas cars and go all-electric.

Musk thinks for a while, begins to answer, then pauses. Then I'll ask you to repeat that question." A longer pause.

Our culture always needs villains and heroes, fools and geniuses, scapegoats and role models.

However, despite opinions to the contrary, Elon Musk is not a robot sent from the future to save humanity.

So his 13-year-old, Griffin, explains it to me: "They're betting that the stock goes down, and they're getting money off that.

But it went up high, so they lost an insane amount of money.""They're jerks who want us to die," Musk elaborates.

Then Musk returns to his desk."We can reschedule for another day if this is a bad time," I offer.