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Ryan conklin dating

Don’t be fooled, as Chef Ryan can most definitely throw down inside the “mainstream” culinary world, too.

Rex utilizes ingredients from their on-site garden, including produce and herbs that are prepared and served just yards away in their kitchen.

Of course, due to the volume of their operation, Chef Ryan outsources for much of their produce.

Chef Ryan states the Black Hat Chefs training program has become a “culture of what can be served in healthcare and is a way for us to keep pushing ourselves and other healthcare settings to step outside of our comfort zones.

Chef Ryan and Jim continue to work together today, as Jim is currently Rex’s Culinary and Nutrition Director.

Chef Ryan and his team, however, keep true to their beginnings in making sure they continue to do all the little things right to make for a great customer experience.

As Chef Ryan says, “We work to create a hotel style food experience within the walls of a hospital.” Chef Ryan and his crew are true industry innovators and I can’t wait to see what they’ll think of next!

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