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All of the homes in this book were photographed in 20, which leads to our second ground rule: In order to be included in the book, the house that stands today at an actor’s address had to be the same structure that the actor lived in, even if it had been remodeled or otherwise spruced up over the years.

Unearthing these addresses and confirming their accuracy sometimes required painstaking gumshoe detective work.

On this note, we wish to salute Steve Mc Queen, whose Solar Drive address took hours of tedious research to find and authenticate.

Many of the homes pictured in this book are in the city of Los Angeles.

When a residence is located in a specific region of the city, such as Hancock Park or Bel Air, we list it as being in that region, rather than in Los Angeles.

Nor, for that matter, is it weighted toward the obscure homes that often hold the most compelling stories.

If the selection of homes and actors on these pages seems unpredictable or quirky, it’s because the star and/or the home had to resonate with us on some level.

Our first ground rule was that the home had to be in Southern California.

Perhaps someday our budgets will allow us to spend a month in Tahiti looking for Marlon Brando’s grass-roofed hut (yes, he does have one).

The boundaries of the various regions vary, depending on the map you consult.

In the cases where a home appears to be on the border between two regions, we used our best judgment in deciding where to place it.

That is what makes this ultimately a highly personal book, and one that we hope will contain many happy surprises for you, the reader.