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Sedating kids on long flights

According to one regular Benadryl user, “Most times it induces peaceful slumber, but one time, my son ended up projectile vomiting all over the plane and another time, he became overexcited from it.” Another mother tells that she would never use Benadryl on a flight as her son had a hyperactive reaction to it when given it at home. Tyrone Bristol of Shanghai United Family Hospitals and Clinics and Dr.

Medicine is not something to just give to a person b/c they will cry. I rarely give them anything ( thank goodness they arent sick alot) I dont see how a dose of triaminic so his ears dont bother him is drugging him..

“Long haul flights are difficult enough, and fractious children, especially more than one, can make the flight intolerable for the parents as well as others,” observes Johnson.

“If the child is very frightened or the parent is stretched to the limit, then sedation might be advisable.” **Those Against** However many parents don’t realize that using sedatives may actually make your journey even more unbearable.

I flew from CA to NY (6 hrs) with a fussy, fidgety, cranky baby behind me and believe me, I was like .