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Sedating ssris

The doctor needs to know your medical history, other medications being taken, and life plans such as hoping to have a baby.

Many pharmacies also have pillboxes with sections for medications that must be taken more than once a day.

This information is intended to inform you, but it is not a "do-it-yourself" manual.

Someone who is too depressed to talk, for instance, may have difficulty communicating during psychotherapy or counseling, but the right medication may improve symptoms so the person can respond.

And antidepressants can lift the dark, heavy moods of depression.

If you are taking more than one medication, and at different times of the day, it is essential that you take the correct dosage of each medication.

An easy way to make sure you do this is to use a 7-day pillbox, available in any pharmacy, and to fill the box with the proper medication at the beginning of each week.

Many medications now come with patient package inserts, describing the medication, how it should be taken, and side effects to look for.