Start Seinfeld kramer sex without dating money but doesn t work

Seinfeld kramer sex without dating money but doesn t work

: D I think most of his money, in the later seasons, came from the coffee table book and from a winning horse in the episode "The Subway".

(Episode 157): Not fully recovered from "The Summer of George", George is using a cane to get around.

Jerry might have another shot at NBC, through an appearance on a NBC Showcase that might lead to another pilot.

He actually did make money from that project, leading to a brief retirement in Florida.

He also tried selling used records with Newman, as well as old raincoats with Morty Seinfeld.

Kramer finds butter is a better protection for his skin after shaving.

George is hired for the job because of his use of the cane -they think he is handicapped & of course he takes full advantage of the situation.

He also went to a 9-5 job, but didn't get any pay because he didn't really work there. L - "I'm sorry, there's just no way that we can keep you on." K - "I don't even really work here." Mr.

: DWhich led to my favorite exchange: Kramer - "What did you want to see me about, Mr. L - "That's what makes this so difficult." And Rick Jay, thanks for the info on the Do GCRN.

:)Mostly he "fell ass backwards in money" and "mooched food from his neighbor", according to George Costanza. And weren't the Japanese businessmen he stuck in his dresser drawers supposed to be business associates of his?

Some ways he got money: *Gambling *Various theatre projects, like being a stand-in *His many invention ideas, like the coffee table book brought him good money *Various entertainment projects, like guest-starring on "Murphy Brown", being in a Calvin Klein commercial, and being in a Woody Allen movie (he was fired, and I'm not sure if he got paid or not...) I'm sure there are more. I remember something about him trying to pitch the idea of a coffee table book about.. FYI, the website of Kenny Kramer (the inspiration for the character on Seinfeld) says, "During the disco years Kenny created an electronic jewelry item that sold so well that Kramer was able to live comfortably long after disco died." So I always assumed that the TV character did something similar. People should plunk down two-thousand dollars to live like him for a week.

Kramer is tired of seeing all his ideas implemented by other people, so he hires an intern to take care of the day to day chores that keep him from realizing his ideas.