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Spanish attempts to settle the interior, with several forts built by the Jose Pardo expedition in the 1560s, ended when the Indians destroyed the forts and killed most of the garrisons.

Nearly two decades later, English colonists began to settle the coastal areas, starting with a charter in 1584.

The history of North Carolina from prehistory to the present covers the experiences of the people who have lived in the territory that now comprises the U. Succeeding peoples, including those of the ancient Mississippian culture established by 1000 AD in the Piedmont, continued to build or add onto such mounds.

Before 200 AD, residents were building earthwork mounds, which were used for cooking and religious purposes.

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During the early years of Reconstruction, strides were made at integrating the newly freed slaves into society.

Whites regained political power by violence and in 1899, disfranchised blacks through a new constitution, imposing Jim Crow and white supremacy. Woolworth's store in Greensboro would become a touchstone for the movement.

After the fire and ensuing battle on Fort Sumter in April 1861, North Carolina seceded from the United States and joined the Confederate States of America.

More soldiers from North Carolina fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War than from any other state, but few major battles were fought here.

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