Start Seriel number dating hi point 9mm

Seriel number dating hi point 9mm

In all, he made nine transactions, including the sale, according to pawn shop records. 1, Saucedo stayed away, records show, until Black Friday on Nov. Police say Saucedo went on to fire weapons nine more times starting on March 17, 2016, killing seven more people in the span of four months. Police said Saucedo told investigators he decided to change his appearance and stop driving his BMW when police made a media push in July to get the shooter’s description out to the public.

According to the pawn shop, authorities first got in contact mid-April about the Hi-Point used in Romero’s death.

An ATF agent made inquiries and about five days later, Phoenix police detectives came to the shop on April 19.

Yihyun Jeong/PHOENIX — The “Serial Street Shooter” suspect may have unwittingly sold his freedom for $90.

That transaction would, 14 months later, help lead police to Saucedo, effectively taking him off the streets.

Once a customer expresses interest in making a purchase, a Mo Money employee member can spend upwards of 30 minutes interacting with him or her, Escobar said.

But their movements, he said, are observed long before — as soon as the enter the gun room.

Once authorities began to inquire about the Hi-Point and Saucedo, Vaughn said he turned to an employee and said, "I bet he's the guy.""I had a feeling he was the shooter once they started asking questions," he said.

But nothing about Saucedo's visits to the shop were out of the ordinary, Vaughn and other Mo Money employees told If red flags were raised, transactions never would have been made, assistant manager Henry Escobar said.

About 20% to 30% of potential Mo Money customers are turned away, he said.

A variety of reasons could be behind a refusal to make a transaction, including not passing a background check or an employee's "gut feeling" about an individual, Escobar said.

We bought it in cash,” Mo Money General Manager Byron Vaughn told The gun, retailing for $130 used, was purchased by a new owner on June 28, 2016. 1 transaction, Vaughn said, wasn’t Saucedo’s first visit.