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I buried my head next to her neck and began to nuzzle her throat purring against it.

It would keep my cock slippery and in addition had the additive to make the skin of a female vulva flush like it was in heat. I can see her huge smile her nephew has showed up even though it is very late for her. I knew exactly that she would as it always happened this way.

However, she was in for a big erect cock surprise as I didn't intend to go to the bedroom across the hall to sleep.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and eased out of the bathroom after turning off the light. "Oh Timmy, you can't be in my bedroom like this, you're my nephew." I simply stood there letting her have a glimpse of my erect cock peeking out of the towel.

I wiggled my hips more and drew back slightly and plunged another couple of inches in her.

I knew from "sneak peak's", that she only wore thin cotton panties under her nightgown.

I bent down and looked in to her eyes, never saying a word.

Each stroke drove my hard cock deeper in to my Auntie.