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We feel great sadness and loss in your resignation. You have asked questions no one else has asked, and refused to accept obfuscation, lies, or evasions in response.

But I wouldn’t want him to experience the humiliation of Anthony Wiener, to whom he can hardly be compared, except instrumentally.

Here is what I wrote Al Franken the day he announced he would resign: 7 December 2017 Dear Senator Franken, Today at the MSP airport my wife, Jenny, and I talked with the men working the shoeshine stand at Concourse E. They mentioned the times you had patronized their stand, and before you Paul Wellstone, and the conversations you and he had had together in the airport.

We live most of the year in Oakland, and vote in California, so while we are in Minnesota part of the time, we have not voted for you.

But we were here in 2008 when you were elected, when I was teaching at the U, and I have often thought of seeing some of my students carrying a huge FRANKEN manner across the campus.

(Disaster Center) 9.9% of high school students in 2015 experienced physical dating violence, 11.2% of high school student experienced sexual dating violence, and 9% of high school students said they were physically forced to have sexual intercourse.

(2015 Nevada High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey) Use the menu to the right to learn more about the issues that affect far too many people in our community.

We hope you will, as you promised, continue to make your voice heard.

The state and the country will be poorer for your absence from the senate, but there are many other platforms, and many people who will want to hear what you have to say.

But the real test is, do you go back to it, either in mind or by putting it on?

In that sense, hardly anything—“Book Faded Brown” from .

Your speech today was of a piece with your way of speaking throughout your political career: humble, calm, measured, direct, and without cutting corners, or making matters seem better or worse than they are.