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Sick of dating

"I was trying to decide whether to stick it out in Chicago or go back home. In the interview, Kumail then began citing lines from some of his favorite Hugh Grant rom coms, including interview. When Emily and I were dating for a few months she got really sick, and it's sort of about that period in time." Emily's illness occurred in March of 2007 when she was 27 years old, roughly ten years prior to the movie's release.

"Yeah, a lot of the hospital people had invented a personality for me that did not match how I felt when I woke up," says Emily.

"Because I had, like, fun hair, and I just was mean, and scary, and very upset, and angry and would cry a lot, for like a while.

Eventually she started having trouble breathing and drove herself to a walk-in clinic.

He avoided their calls for the first few days that Emily was in a coma, because he knew he would have to tell them he had a non-Muslim girlfriend.

They were still dating, but there was little thought of it turning into a lifelong relationship. With regard to the movie's use of dramatic license in adding the break-up, the real Emily Gordon commented, "It's interesting to be at your casual girlfriend's side when she gets sick.

But it's even more interesting to be at your recent ex-girlfriend's side." The real Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V.

On day eight of her coma, she was diagnosed with adult-onset Still's disease (AOSD), a rare systemic auto-inflammatory disease that presents with high fevers, severe fatigue, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, a salmon-pink rash, and in severe cases like Emily's, fluid accumulation in the lungs and heart.