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Six room7

Got tickets for 2: Plenty of London rooms can be played by two players (probably all – although you’ll find it tough!

Got cool technology: clue Quest’s Revenge of the Sheep has one of the most amazing pieces of technology you’re likely to find in a room, while Breakin’ Escape’s War on Horizon Alpha (the Star Wars themed game) has a room that is pretty much pure technology.

The other potential option is Enigma Escape – their website recommends against it, but at least one Trip Advisor review says that it worked out fine. If you do find others that are wheelchair accessible then please do let me know.

Great for beginners: Almost any room in London would be a suitable start for beginners.

Got great puzzle mechanics: Escape Plan – the Adventure Begins has both of my favourite mechanical puzzles in London – it’s the clear winner on that front.

clue Quest’s Revenge of the Sheep does a pretty good job too, made all the more impressive given that it also does well on the tech puzzle front.

If you don’t mind a little bit of adrenaline, then Trapped in a Room with a Zombie would be my recommendation.

Otherwise, you’re looking at Escape the Theatre at Escape Games London, and I really wouldn’t recommend it.

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