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You’d expect as much, but what you might not expect is the way this 2110kg machine changes direction, its resistance to understeer and the brilliance of AMG Torque Dynamics.

You can use the throttle much more aggressively out of tighter turns than you can in the Black Series and you can lean on typical four-wheel-drive traction.

I don’t even think about the noise and will later barely recollect it as anything more than a subtle but hard-edged whoosh with a hint of sci-fi distortion layered on top. In Comfort mode the ED offers just that, and while deeply impressive, it’s also thoroughly anodyne.

In fact more than one journalist will hurriedly rush back to the car just before we leave for the airport, having ‘forgotten to listen to the sound it makes’. But it’s transformed the moment the engineer twists the rotary dial to Sport Plus: it’s like every sinew in the car is pulled tight and the response and performance ramps up. The sheer scale of the performance and the way it’s delivered in an unbroken surge is extraordinary, and you quickly become accustomed to it.

There’s an engineer in the passenger seat who explains the car’s different modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

We’ll start in Comfort, where you only get 60 per cent of the available power, a smooth-edged throttle response and a layer of foolproof understeer.

This is the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive, the beginning of a new beginning.

Or perhaps the beginning of the end, depending on your point of view.

It takes three hours to replenish the batteries if charged through a special (optional) 22k W wall box, or 20 hours through a normal three-pin plug.