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Young Findlay, a pupil at Brook Field primary school, will be taking part with his mother Jade Batten, a health visitor from West Swindon.

While the exact number of job cuts is not known, it is believed that the greatest impact will be seen by staff whose roles can most easily be replaced by an increased reliance on technology and digitalisation.

Russell Holland, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for finance, said: “In common with local authorities across the country we all need to look at how we can save money.

The annual event raises thousands of pounds to support rough sleepers and the vulnerably housed.

It gives volunteers a chance to experience what it is like to sleep rough – but with the safety and security of friends, and without the extreme exposure and vulnerability.

“I am part of a religious order and we work for the poor.

Our Holy Father, the Pope, has spoken out about the poor, and November 19 is dedicated to the poor.

Its roots go back to 1972 and it has developed six services to meet the needs of the homeless, including a street outreach service, a day centre, breakfast club and soup run, an emergency hostel, a young persons’ project with two adjoining houses, a women’s house and supported accommodation resettlement schemes.

AROUND 420 jobs are set to be cut at Swindon Borough Council over the next 30 months.

The congregation at Holy Rood Church is very, very generous – they give and they give.” Sr Mary said she had joined the Roman Catholic convent more than 60 years ago.

The Poor Servants was established in the 19th century by Frances Margaret Taylor, the daughter of an Anglican clergyman, who was shocked by the poverty and squalor of London, and decided to work with the poor.

“I do it year after year, in the same place,” she said.