Start Teachers intimidating children

Teachers intimidating children

Children cannot always understand the effects of their actions on other people emotionally, especially when it comes to teachers, who can sometimes appear to be heartless prison-guards/homework distributors rather than living, feeling human beings.

Part of the reason for this may be the intense pressure that comes from feeling powerless to control the children for which you are responsible.

We hear about cyberbullying often in the news as well.

Sometimes the students just assume that it is anonymous, or that the teacher will not find out about it.

Other times, the teacher is meant to see it and be intentionally hurt by it.

They can use their bad behavior as a tool to gain attention from other students.

This takes attention away from the lesson and from the teacher.

We hear a lot in the news and in schools about bullying.

We are trained to recognize the signs of our children being bullied, such as moodiness, withdrawing from family and friends, not wanting to talk about school, anxiety, and loss of appetite.

There are thousands of cases of students bullying teachers around the country.

In many cases, high-school students and their parents are intentionally intimidating the teachers when they are not satisfied with a grade, or when the need for discipline arises.

Fifty years ago students who acted out in class might be made to wear a dunce’s cap or even be beaten.