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The afghanistan dating game

They have a thriving domestic T20 league which is widely watched on local television. Otherwise this sudden flowering may go the same way as West Indies seem destined to.

It has been the same nursery for Afghanistan’s players.

Nutrition, psychology, statistical analysis and all that stuff can be grafted on later.

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Germany has given 750,000 euros for a cricket stadium in Khost.

Their World Cup campaign will presumably end after the qualifying stage of six matches, but the world’s interest must not end there.

Obstacles which no other country has seen – total devastation by a whole generation of war – have been overcome, thanks to this attitude.

What might they not have achieved in their own stadium at Kabul, Khost or Jalalabad, roared on by their own supporters? In the 1980s cricket took off in the Pathan, or Pushto-speaking community, and the city became a hub of excellent club cricket.

All the wars ensured they would remain a physical people, not sedentary playing video games and the like.

The West Indies in the past, as well as Pakistan, have shown that bowling flat out with a taped tennis ball, and hitting it as far as you can with a piece of wood, can be the best way for a cricketer to grow up.

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