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The ties are perfectly set up – one based around transitions, the other based around possession.

The latter duel is most important in deciding who gets the upper hand in terms of possession, but Martinez’s role is also very important against the side who tried to buy him last summer.

It will be interesting to see how often Martinez and Busquets drop into the defence, allowing their sides to play out more easily through the opposition press.

Bayern front two v Barcelona defenders This is about who copes better with unavailable players.

Mandzukic and Kroos’ unavailability is a real shame for the tie as a whole, but Barcelona have a problem at centre-back with Carles Puyol and Javier Mascherano out.

Inter coach Jose Mourinho famously claimed he didn’t want his side to have the ball, for fear it would drag his players up the pitch and concede space in behind. It’s hard to imagine Bayern will replicate that defensive approach throughout this tie.

Because of the passing quality of Jupp Heynckes’ side, more than at any time in the previous five years, there’s a decent chance Barcelona will be outplayed at their own game in the European Cup.

He might not contribute significantly to possession play, but he could prove very useful by replicating the role Ezequiel Lavezzi played against Sergio Busquets in the quarter-final – occupy Busquets when Barcelona have the ball, sprint in behind when possession is won.