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In the opening scenes, Robin is disrespected by a male cadet; a noxious colleague won’t stop hitting on her; her boss shrugs off her sexual assault.

“I think you're amazing: you're so alive and so beautiful,” Robin tells her, and Mary sparks to Robin’s stillness, her concern, a different kind of maternal relationship. What does it mean to bring a woman into this world?

, she has, with seeming effortlessness, starred in three excellent television shows, while other talented actors’ careers go wonky struggling to do the same—and that’s not counting her role as the President’s daughter on .

(Campion co-wrote all the scripts with Gerard Lee and directed two of the six episodes; the rest are directed by Ariel Kleiman.)Though it is set in present day Australia, not a dystopic near future, the series, which airs over three nights on Sundance Channel beginning Sunday, is concerned to an almost eerie degree with the same themes as , Moss’s Robin Griffin returned home to New Zealand and began looking for a missing, pregnant 12-year old.

As the plot of flogs the series’ recurring themes: Sexism, sexism, sexism, parenthood, parenthood, parenthood. Does being a mother or a father abnegate our responsibilities to others?

How can we be so kind to children but not the adults they grow up to be?

Meanwhile, the body of an unidentified sex worker, stuffed into a suitcase, washes up on Bondi Beach; her face is rotted beyond recognition, but enough remains to identify her as Asian, so the police nickname her “China Girl.” (In Australia, sex work is legal, but surrogacy is not.) Robin is given the case and paired with rookie officer Miranda Hilmarson (’ Gwendoline Christie), the two women pawned off on one another, given a case nobody else wants.

At least for now—one of Robin’s male colleagues warns her that he’ll pull rank and snatch the case away from her it starts getting any media attention.

There are plenty of them, but let's focus on what I believe are the top five myths that make dating harder for Christian men.