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(Shutterstock) Seema Marwaha is an internal medicine physician, journalist and health communications researcher.

Sex Offender Registry – A provincial registration system for sex offenders, obligating them to report to police.

For pimps who have multiple girls, the earnings are often divided among a team of traffickers, minus expenses for motels and the ads they take out to market the girls.

In 2015, Peel police made 39 arrests and laid 244 charges related to sex trafficking.

E-mail Sex Crimes 40 College St., Toronto, ON , M5G 2J3 Phone: 416-808-7474 Fax: 416-808-7472 Officer in Charge: Inspector Pauline Gray All crimes of a sexual nature, regardless of the victim’s gender or age, impacts the community and effects the victim’s quality of life and wellbeing.

The Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes unit was originally created in 1989 to investigate serious and serial sexual offences that were beyond the resources and/or expertise of divisional units.

A few of the red-flag behaviours to watch out for in young girls, she said include: extended periods when whereabouts are unknown; sudden changes in routine; having more than one cellphone; receiving expensive gifts; extreme tiredness and unexplained absences from school.

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More than 90 per cent of human trafficking victims in this country are Canadian-born girls.