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True blood alexander skarsgard dating

“We’re fighting aliens, so it was important to make the real parts as real as possible.” He admits he was initially sceptical about the prospect of making an effects-heavy action film conceived by Hasbro, the toy-making creatives responsible for the Transformers franchise – he’d heard “horror stories” from actors on similar tent-pole films.

Skarsgård merrily expands on my sweeping generalisations about the binary nature of his country’s national temperament.

He’s waddling along, saying hi to all and sundry, and I have to concede it’s a cute set-up: to go from one of the smallest stars in Hollywood to one of the tallest.

Alexander Skarsgård is 6ft 4in, aged 35, and seemingly getting bigger by the day.

They played me tapes from inside the Humvee from when they were being shot at and the tone of his voice is no louder than we’re talking now.