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Upon receipt of a court order, annual prize payments will continue to be paid to the winner's heirs.

Other jurisdictions allow winners to create trusts to shield their names from the public, or otherwise claim prizes anonymously.

The lotteries then distribute the money, based on their own jurisdiction's laws, to other lottery games or to their jurisdiction's general fund, or otherwise as required by law.

Each jurisdiction has its own law on winners remaining anonymous.

You can match the winning, white ball numbers in any order of a given Play to win a prize.

The red Powerball number of a given play on your ticket must match the red Powerball drawn.

Pb is entirely primordial, and is thus useful for estimating the fraction of the other lead isotopes in a given sample that are also primordial (since the relative fractions of the various primordial lead isotopes is constant everywhere).

Some lotteries sell Powerball tickets over the Internet, but the service is only available to residents of that jurisdiction. The Powerball drawing show is broadcast live from Tallahassee, Fla.

Please contact your lottery with any further questions.