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When I refused to give her that information, she wanted to take a picture of me??!!!

Chatted with several girls and then met Her on the Forum. We've been seeing each other for a couple of months now!

Moonshine My friends registered me on this site as a joke after my divorce, and I never believed it would work, but started using Benaughty anyway.

They formed a confederation of states in 1777, which was ratified in 1781 as the Articles of Confederation.

This government failed because it was unable to raise revenues to pay for the Revolutionary War (1775–1783).

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I visited the Money Mart located at 98-199 Kamehameha Hwy Aiea, HI on 12/30/2017 at 2 pm just to get a couple of money orders, and the cashier wanted to know my employment information.

From the beginning, slavery has been the nemesis of the United States.

The practice of slavery, considered essential by plantation owners in the South, was inherited from colonial rule.

In 1754, at the Albany Congress, Benjamin Franklin made the first serious proposal for a union of British colonies in North America.

However, the colonists became increasingly frustrated by British rule and, in 1776, 13 colonies issued the Declaration of Independence.

A bigger gap opened among those who answered "That's not my style".