Start Updating a split ms access database

Updating a split ms access database

The Visual Studio team has introduced a development platform called Light Switch which simplifies the creation of database applications in Visual Studio.

However, the features are not identical to the Silverlight platform which provides a richer end user environment that can be locally installed and run.

For more details, visit our Compar: Microsoft Access and Visual Studio Light Switch Comparison Matrix Here are some resources and sites that are helpful: With our experience building Microsoft Access and SQL Server solutions, we are very excited by the functionality and productivity Light Switch offers for database application developers.

It also supports databases hosted on SQL Azure, Microsoft's cloud provider.

Light Switch provides the ability to deliver incredibly rich, intuitive and easy to use applications, all within a Windows, Mac or Browser client.

For more information on choosing the right platform for your application, visit our page: Comparison of Microsoft Access, Light Switch and Visual Studio Platforms for Database Developers If you're interested in learning how our Professional Solutions Group can help you with Microsoft Access, Light Switch, SQL Server, and/or Visual Studio .

NET, please visit our Light Switch Consulting page.

This is a one time installation similar to installing Adobe Flash to watch videos or Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.

Silverlight allows applications to be easily run on desktops and browsers through a one-click deployment, thereby dramatically reducing distribution and maintenance efforts.

While Light Switch can be used to create database applications with limited coding, as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .

NET family, Light Switch supports customization using C# and VB. This offers all the benefits of managed code and the latest programming features. Light Switch works directly against SQL Server databases.

Built-in authentication models simplify the management of users with varying degrees of access and authorization, especially when integrated with existing Active Directory implementations. NET and Light Switch are used by the developer and are not installed on the users' machines.