Start Updating database with ajax

Updating database with ajax

The chance the user might leave the page before the submit button was hit was just too big of a risk.

NET server control Grid View as it provides a broad range of facilities (sorting, searching, pagination) and it is very optimized.

You can know more about j Query Data Table from the following link.

In previous tutorial on Bootstrap Modal we have show how to insert data into Mysql table by using Bootstrap Modal with PHP script with Ajax jquery.

The main use of Bootstrap Modal we can do any type of database operation like Insert, Update, fetch and delete or display any message without opening of new page but we can do this type things on page in the form of pop up alert box.

edit content, and delete rows at the click of a button (and no page reloading due to ajax).

Ever needed to provide easy “admin” access to a database table, but don’t have the time/budget to code all the necessary actions you need (inserts, updates, deletes, etc...)?

A client wanted me to use Ajax to save checkbox results to a database so that each check was saved as it was made instead of waiting until all the checkboxes were checked (or unchecked) and then submitted on the form.

He had a LOT of checkboxes on the page which made a very large form with lots of fields.

I know I will need some functions to talk to the database, so create a file for that. So where ever you are going to repeat code, turn it into an include file so you can include it inline.

I know I will be using Jquery and AJAX, so create a file for that. And this is exactly what the first two include statements do!

In numerous cases you may want to perform data editing operations at database level with Update/Insert/Delete commands from the code-behind.