Start Updating electoral roll information

Updating electoral roll information

Following methods are available to complete the linking process.

It is difficult to find out such bogus voters and eliminate the details from the voter’s database.

This whole process is being carried out under the NERPAP – National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme.

This means the ‘rolling’ system is suspended from September to November.

Our Electoral Registration Officer is Jane Portman, Head of Paid Services, at the council.

The annual canvass helps us to make sure that anyone who moved during the year, and didn’t apply to be on the Register, is not missed off when the Full Register is published, on December 1st. Due to the new Individual Electoral Registration system, you’ll need your National Insurance number and Date of Birth.

If you need any help registering, call the Electoral Services on 01202 451123.

Otherwise, ASIC sends correspondence to the registered agent or contact address.

If a registered agent or contact address is not available, the registered office address is used.

The only method(right now) i found to verify this is that you need to do the same process again.

You can update your registered office address and your principal place of business online.

You can view the Register of Electors at the Town Hall and some libraries.