Start Updating eris to android 2

Updating eris to android 2

I sincerely hope that this guide was clear and helpful.

Nougat (Android 7.0 release) offers more ways to personalize your device, including advanced battery-saving features and notification options.

This update brings additional security enhancements to protect your private data.

In fact, the backup described here is very similar to imaging your computer hard drive before you swap drives - the principle is the same. Think of it as unlocking your phone and enabling it to do anything it wants (except for flying - let's not try that one).

There are different ways of getting Nandroid onto your phone and here we will use the simplest of all approaches - using the Clockwork Mod ROM Manager application which also comes with a whole bunch of other useful stuff. This directory will contain all of the files needed for restoration - they comprise your full backup.

I mean EVERYTHING that resides on your phone with the exception of the SD card - what we will create is essentially a full image of your phone's current state that you can restore to at any time as if nothing happened. The above steps and the backup/restore themselves are explained in more detail below.

This image will be written to your SD card which you are then free to copy around and back up on your computer. Rooting is a process of getting full access to all of your phone's functions.

If this is the case, this backup solution will not work for you, at least not until the app starts supporting your phone.

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