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Preterims (full or consistent preterism) teaches that end time prophecies were fulfilled in 70AD with the destruction of Jerusalem. The hardbound version of this commentary is 1172 pages (Read the reviews of this book at Amazon) If you are thinking about preaching or teaching through Revelation, this commentary is a "must have! ( Book of the Revelation Charted out Verse by Verse (Rev 4-22) - Sola Scriptura (with a few questions interspersed) (Html links below are to the 4 sections or Pdf that has all 4 sections on one 10 page Pdf) WILLIAM NEWELL Commentary on the Revelation Rosscup - This is a premillennial, dispensational study which takes a thorough-going literal approach to the book.

The “new heavens and new earth” spoken of in Revelation 21:1 is, to the preterist, a description of the world under the New Covenant. The Flying Preacher: Pilot of “The Good Ship Emmanuel” ILLUSTRATIONS ON REVELATION from 10,000 Illustrations on - Click Illustrations J RAMSEY MICHAELS Commentary on Revelation Rosscup - Michaels takes no stand on authorship by the Apostle John, using arbitrary reasoning against it (18–19). 12) without being aware of the common premillennial view that she represents Israel for various reasons (148), which Michaels does not forthrightly mention or answer. Mike Minnix Revelation 1- We Would See Jesus Johnny L. Sanders Revelation 1:9-20 A Vision of the Risen Lord Johnny L.

Just as a Christian is made a “new creation” (2Cor ), so the world under the New Covenant is a “new earth.” This aspect of preterism can easily lead to a belief in replacement theology." Indeed, preterist interpretation is essentially the antithesis of futuristic interpretation! Historical premillennial, some classify as more futurist, others as preterist-futurist! He also is flimsy and misrepresenting in remarks against a futurist approach, as if simply not properly informed of how better futurist thinkers explain details, and unfair to them (23). The same seeming lack of awareness shows in discussing the 144,000 who, to Michaels, are saints out of all nations in 7:9, and the view of the two witnesses in Rev. One would almost think that he author did this amillennial work without checking many interpreters who argue the hermeneutical naturalness of taking literal views in Rev. So he often is out of touch, and limits his readers where he might have provided more representative, informed discussions. Jim Rosscup) WILLIAM KELLY LECTURES ON THE BOOK OF REVELATION 1868 D Edmond Hiebert - Expository lectures by a noted Plymouth Brethren scholar of the past century. Sanders Revelation -18 Jesus 101 Terry Trivette Revelation The Triumph Over His Tomb David E.

Related Resources - Historicist The historicist approach views the Revelation as a symbolic or allegorical prophetic survey of church history from the first century up to the Second Coming of Christ. He is difficult to categorize - in his book on "Last Things: An Eschatology for Laymen" [not recommended to those who seek to interpret Scripture literally] he says he "feels that he must adopt a spiritualizing hermeneutic" He replaces Israel with the church. Hiebert - A popular commentary on Revelation that takes a premillennial and posttribulational view of eschatology. The author uses Scripture to try to explain the symbols of the book. Owen Revelation 1:5-6 Three Reasons To Praise God J.

This was the view espoused by most of the "reformers" and thus dominated Protestant eschatological teaching for centuries. Ladd sees the Millennium and the whole book of Revelation referring chiefly to the destiny of the Church rather than to the theocratic promises to Israel. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge: Old Tappan, NJ.: Fleming H. The viewpoint is premillennial and pretribulational. CLARENCE LARKIN REVELATION A Study of the Last Prophetic Book of Holy Scripture Comments: Generally takes a literal, conservative approach but you must be a Berean (Acts -note) when you read his comments. Mike Minnix Revelation 2 The Author and Finisher of our Faith Johnny L.

Unless you understand their historicist approach to prophecy, you may become very confused when reading these older "classic" commentaries. Some think that this descent of the Lord will be post-millennial—that is, after the thousand years of his reign. I conceive that the advent will be pre-millennial; that he will come first; and then will come the millennium as the result of his personal reign upon earth.... Rosscup on Mac Arthur's published 2 volume commentary on Revelation - Here 677 pp. 95, material that was originally in sermons expounds each verse. Sanders Revelation -17 Confronting the Gates of Hell Johnny L.

Note that with the exception of Spurgeon, these works are not included in the list of resources. London: Seeley, Burnside, and Seeley, 1828 Gill, John. Paul does not paint the future with rose-color: he is no smooth-tongued prophet of a golden age, into which this dull earth may be imagined to be glowing. Hiebert - An able work on Revelation by an evangelical teacher using the synchronistic or parallelistic system of interpretation. explain and apply the Revelation in a dispensational way. introduction contending for the Apostle John as author ca. The “angels” (messengers) in Rev 2:1 are seen as human leaders, overcomers are all the saved, believers’ names will not be erased from the heavenly roll as citizens’ names are blotted from an earthly city record, the 24 elders are the whole raptured church (dispensationalists and non-dispensationalists differ on this), judgments in Rev 6–19 are literal, the 144,000 are physical but saved Israelites with their very tribes listed, the locust-like creatures are vile demons that take on a visible form resembling locusts, the woman in Rev 12 is Israel which brought forth the child, Christ, etc. Sanders Revelation -17 The Compromising Church Johnny Hunt Revelation 2:1-7 What We Lose When We Leave Johnny Hunt Revelation 2:1-7 Letter to the Church at Ephesus Mark Adams Revelation 2:1-7 When The Flame Becomes An Ember Todd Morris Revelation 2:1-7 The Ephesus Church Johnny Hunt Revelation 2:1-7 How To Fall In Love Again John Bisagno Revelation 2:1-7 Lazy Love Vince Hefner Revelation -19 Under His Eye Johnny L.

They feel Revelation relates to the battle between God and evil and between the church and the world at all times in church history. Winona Lake, Ind.: Brethren Missionary Herald, 1966. It is the kind of book new believers can savor, and its use in young adult and adult discussion groups is to be encouraged. Thomas is thoroughly evangelical and eminently reliable. Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Holy Bible: Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1967 Edwards, Jonathan Elliott, E. A divine interposition seems to me the hope set before us in Scripture, and, indeed, to be the only hope adequate to the situation. Owen Revelation 3:1-6 The Lifeless Church Johnny Hunt Revelation The Church Composite Johnny L. Sanders Revelation 3:2-6 The Lifeless Church - Part 2 Johnny Hunt Revelation 4 The Glorious Throne of God J.

The seals, trumpets, and bowls are thought to depict God’s judgments on sinners at all times, and the beast refers to all the anti-Christian empires and rulers in history. Hiebert - A premillennial interpretation advocating a mid-tribulation rapture. Hiebert - A concise, well-outlined interpretation from the premillennial, pretribulational viewpoint. There is one limitation: The text of the KJV has been retained in this revision. He has been ably described as “the finest conservative New Testament scholar of our time.” This is a for every pastor Walvoord, John F. Cyril Barber - The Minister's Library -A clear, easy-to-read, understandable exposition of the book of Revelation. We look to the darkening down of things; the state of mankind, however improved politically, may yet grow worse and worse spiritually... Mike Minnix Revelation 4:1 To The Waiting Heart, Jesus Says, Come Up Hither David E.

The greatest challenge in studying the Revelation is to allow God to say what He says and not try to spiritualize or allegorize the text. Based on careful exegesis of the text, the sermons have a practical appeal. Post-millennialists believe that Christ will return after (post) the thousand-year period.

The single best inductive study in my opinion is the Precept Ministries International 4 part study on the Revelation (see below ). I Saw Heaven Opened: The Message of Revelation: Downers Grove, Ill.: Inter Varsity Press, 1975 Wilson, Geoffrey B. Volume 1, covering the first five chapters, deals extensively with the seven letters. The viewpoint is premillennial and pretribulational. Rosscup comments on Dr Morris' book "The Revelation Record" - A 521–pp. At that point he will judge unbelievers and establish the new heavens and new earth.

Though lauded by some modern neo-orthodox theologians, this work suffers from some unfortunate limitations (e.g., where futuristic approaches are criticized for assigning everything after chapter 4 to a very limited period of history, and the critique of a literal millennium, etc.). There are also well over 1000 bibliographic references. As I see it, this disconnect occurs at two important points.