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Updating ompf

In this scenario, the Marine would provide the Customer Service Section with a copy of his/her TAD orders as verification of such TAD, as well as a copy of the MARADMIN.

The Customer Service Section is responsible handling routine administrative matters for walk-in customers; duties include marriage/divorce packages, awards updates, personal information updates into MCTFS, completing required triennial audit, and providing general information/guidance for newly introduced administrative practices. In an effort to reduce the requirement for Marines to physically visit the CONAD for routine personnel actions, Marines are highly encouraged to utilize the My Pay web site (https://mil) or the Marine On-Line web site ( whenever possible to complete administrative tasks. E-PARs via MOL or hard-copy PARs are strongly encouraged for all Marines.

E-PARs allow the member to track the administrative progress of the request. Response time for routine E-PARs is 5 working days.

Marines in this situation are not entitled to remedial consideration based on the missing material which has been updated subsequent to the adjournment of the selection board (MCO 1400.32C)." It is neither difficult nor time consuming to ensure you have a current and updated record.