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Updating open office

A tool for creating and editing mathematical formulae, analogous to Microsoft Equation Editor or Math Type.

Open Office Basic is available in Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress and Base.

Apache Open Office inherits its handling of file formats from Open, excluding some which were supported only by copyleft libraries, Red Hat developer Christian Schaller sent an open letter to the Apache Software Foundation in August 2015 asking them to direct Apache Open Office users towards Libre Office "for the sake of open source and free software", During this period, in April 2015, a known remote code execution security vulnerability in Apache Open Office 4.1.1 was announced (CVE-2015-1774), but the project did not have the developers available to release the software fix.

For example, Libre Office saw 14 version updates last year, compared to one version update for Open Office in October 2015.

While, officially, Open Office isn't dead yet, for all practical purposes it's been a dead program running for years now.

Adding insult to injury, Oracle didn't invest in Open Office.

Within a year, companies such as Canonical replaced Open Office with Libre Office.

It can also read and write a wide variety of other file formats, with particular attention to those from Microsoft Office (although unlike Libre Office, it cannot save Microsoft's newer XML formats like DOCX, only import them).