Start Updating ports svn bsd

Updating ports svn bsd

However, portsnap uses the latest/HEAD branch for the ports tree.

Press "Enter" when the boot finishes to get a rescue shell session.

From here, you can either turn off soft-updates or soft-update journaling.

Personally, I prefer to have the most stable system possible, so I decided to try option 2.

Since I'm not a regular user of SVN from the command line (I access SVN via Eclipse at work and git from a terminal when I get to choose my VCS), I wasn't sure how to manage ports and the ever-changing branches using SVN.

Any long-running software that was updated will need to be restarted to use the new version.

If you see any updates to the kernel, a reboot will be needed to prevent strange behavior.

To query the Free BSD project's servers for these updates, download any new files, and install them on your system, type the following command: subcommand applies them to the live system.