Start Updating raid drivers

Updating raid drivers

I can't speak on Dell, but I was told by folks inside the IBM storage group many years ago that the first levels of their RAID firmware is NEVER the best performer.

//spk I've used the SUU and the similar products from HP and IBM with success.

The only issues I have ever encountered were when a vendor driver was used to replace a Dell driver, for no technical reason, which caused the SUU upgrade to fail the OM upgrade on a Dell server.

Unfortunately, few of us would think (or perhaps have the moxie) to go back later and mess with the RAID firmware of healthy system unless there were problems.

So, our strategy has been to upgrade the RAID firmware levels every time we set up a new server, assuming the RAID adapter isn't a brand spankin' new model.

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Firmware receives very little attention when it comes to updates. Many devices: RAID controllers, NICs, chipsets, and even hard drives, get some benefit from being updated. Most SA say, "Whenever it breaks, update the firmware." But this can lead to difficulties down the road; Several times, when contacting Dell about a failed hard drive, I've been asked if my hard drive firmware is up to date.