Start Updating time in excel

Updating time in excel

As time passed and usage of computers increased, people started maintaining records on computer.

For this article I saw many websites which would individually piece these topics together, but none of them showed the the whole process. The goal of the operation is to do the work, and that work is not done on the GUI thread where a user will notice the slow down, but on a background thread. Net is the Background thread which was introduced for Winforms.

Even though the Background Worker is a nice drag and droppable component in the Winform arena it does not mean that it can’t moonlight in our WPF sandbox.

Click here to download the Employee Attendance Sheet Excel Template. This section consists of the employee details like name of the employee, employee id, his department and his designation.

The only thing to note that initially the Cancel button and progress bar visibility is set to hidden.

We have created an easy to use Employee Attendance Sheet Excel Template with predefined formulas.

You can maintain up to 50 employees record in this template.

to present, absent, late comings, holidays, on job training and all other kinds of leaves.