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Updating xm

I can suggest that using voice control on the steering wheel and saying "Satellite Channel" followed by the number you can jump to a specific channel and the add that channel to your favorites by pressing the heart, but that is not what everyone appears to be looking for as a solution in this thread.

I just picked up my second Model X a P100D yesterday with a Fresh 8.1 install and unfortunately somewhere between the 7.x and 8.x updates the categories display appears to have been eliminated as was the slider to jump to a specific channel.

With access to the internet, the XM media player could take advantage of XM program guide data and display the currently playing programs on channels, or even show the upcoming programs on each station.

One workaround would be to use a smartphone running the Sirius XM app over bluetooth, which provides much better navigation through the XM stations. I cannot get the list of stations (grouped by type). It doesnt' sound like the genre groups got loaded after activation.

I assume there has to be a way to create more folders, or at least have XM populate all of the various categories in the interface.