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Please post your speed test results for Vividwireless (4G Wireless Broadband) here.

Pages, especially overseas, take for ever to load or fail to load. Of course already spoke to support, but besides the usual tips, i.e. Actually, my old 3Mobile-3G is faster out here than Vivid. With not too much alternatives, the path is otherwise back to 3G. Hopefully vivid have enough backhaul from their transmission towers so we don't have a congested nightime network like a lot of us experience on ADSL1. I guess by it's nature, wireless will always be up and down to some extent due to atmospheric circumstances, still not bad...

reboot, reposition tower, 'could be anything'-bla bla, and the specifically hearty "do you have your Tower in a metal cabinett? No waiting for a "product specialst" to call back (who asked me to take a traceroute). Location: Trigg, Lynn St (Telstra pair gain ground zero)Modem: Tower Mines been quite alright, awesome with You Tube and the likes, maybe pick a site you are having trouble with, do a tracert and post the results here, we can then offer some caparison and try to assist you. traceroute to youtube-ui.l.(66.1), 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 ( 0.770 ms 0.463 ms 0.361 ms 2 * * * 3 ( 63.076 ms 74.186 ms 75.121 ms 4 119.2 (119.2) 74.913 ms 79.665 ms 75.137 ms 5 * * * 6 ( 129.739 ms 109.537 ms 110.056 ms 7 66.2 (66.2) 110.308 ms 109.570 ms 109.827 ms 8 ( 110.168 ms 114.567 ms 124.755 ms 9 syd01s01-in-f100.1e100(66.1) 120.000 ms 134.279 ms 135.228 ms I just did a comparison between my node account and vivid, looks like crappy Optus routes going the long way.... ---- Vivid traceroute to uk (2.138), 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 ( 0.789 ms 0.450 ms 0.363 ms 2 * * * 3 ( 83.309 ms 74.415 ms 59.982 ms 4 119.2 (119.2) 59.900 ms 64.611 ms 90.118 ms 5 * * * 6 .63 (.63) 134.491 ms 134.590 ms 130.062 ms 7 ( 400.305 ms 354.197 ms 295.115 ms 8 te-4-2.car2.sanjose1.level3(4.) 294.919 ms 289.105 ms 295.174 ms 9 vlan99.csw4.sanjose1.level3(4.) 290.208 ms 294.476 ms 289.905 ms10 ae-94-94.ebr4.sanjose1.level3( 300.039 ms 294.189 ms 325.074 ms11 ae-2-2.ebr4.newyork1.level3( 360.006 ms 374.084 ms 359.872 ms12 ae-74-74.csw2.newyork1.level3( 360.102 ms 379.429 ms 359.988 ms13 ae-71-71.ebr1.newyork1.level3( 360.101 ms 374.464 ms 360.092 ms14 ae-42-42.ebr2.london1.level3( 434.789 ms ae-44-44.ebr2.london1.level3( 429.569 ms ae-43-43.ebr2.london1.level3( 419.752 ms15 ae-21-52.car1.london1.level3( 439.674 ms 434.794 ms 424.644 ms16 1.242 (1.242) 430.105 ms 434.294 ms 425.075 ms17 2.153 (2.153) 415.027 ms 439.611 ms 419.980 ms Internode: traceroute to uk (2.138), 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 home.gateway ( 0.682 ms 0.374 ms 0.350 ms 2 ( 499.028 ms 499.404 ms 444.440 ms 3 ( 433.591 ms 603.603 ms 548.299 ms 4 ( 673.610 ms 866.689 ms 823.097 ms 5 (2.178) 748.136 ms 841.940 ms 652.686 ms 6 (2.62) 576.538 ms 738.376 ms 729.784 ms 7 bbc-gw0-linx.prt0.(1.103) 848.660 ms 778.507 ms 736.217 ms 8 2.129 (2.129) 686.480 ms 663.919 ms 731.303 ms Edit: I was hammering my node account with other things at the time, hence the high response time, but a much shorter path. Langford, WA Broadband Speed Test Results Test run on 19/04/2010 @ PM Mirror: Westnet Data: 9 MBTest Time: 7.75 secs Your line speed is 9.75 Mbps (9753 kbps). but it's always hard to swallow when you've been getting really really good speeds.

This would describe the spread of speeds and enable a check of how many times a particular speed is achieved. Hell on my 15Mbps ADSL I can never get about 4-5Mbps with the Optus mirror.. Got a few tests around ~20Mbps, but did manage to get 29Mbps which is good.

Have almost used up all of my 3GB prepaid voucher on these speed tests.

Certainly a better option than the so-called DSL we were subject too previously! I did this in the Virgin Broadband Forum by grouping speed in blocks and publishing a graph, which made a nice cone shape on it's side. Table is the count of the speeds attained between the ranges in Mpbs0 – 5: 285 – 10: 1410 – 15: 815 – 20: 2620 – 25: 1025 – 30: 130 – 35: 135 – 40: 1 Median13.97 Average12.23 Its not thorough stats analysis by any means but a guide to how some of us are connecting.

Sylvestor This would make more sense plotted as a standard deviation type curve. Well done to Vivid in your first few weeks of service. The Optus mirror is crap and slow and therefore doesn't reflect the real performance of your service.

Vivid are not giving me great confidence in their own system if the minimum acceptable spec is 1meg... It would get more people to risk it and if they dont get 4 or 8 they may still be happy anyway... I wouldn't be surprised if the variation in speeds for different areas is a coverage vs capacity thing – Depending on the configuration of Vivid's base station for your area for now whilst they turn on more base stations.

Wi MAX 1.0 supports two main types of MIMO - Having just found out I'm on pair gain at my new place in Noranda WA and had Vivid recommended to me, these speed tests certainly are encouraging...

I was on Optus wireless 3G and even the 3g connection is quite bad. Signal strength is very strong, so I don't believe that's the problem.

Recently signed up to Vividwireless expecting not to get anything at all as I don't fall in the coverage zone (just) but to my suprise I get a great signal. Hey Richard, Going off i found the following; Nearest 3G Towers Telstra:1.4KM | 3.1KM | 5.2KMOptus:2KM | 3.1KMThree:3.1KM | 5.2KMVodafone:3.1KM If your living in the anchorage I'm guessing its running off the Telstra one, not completely sure though.

I wonder if someone has a similar experience or tips: Tests (within WA) are ok, signal strength seems also fine. (also works on the USB stick to access advanced setting.) Word of caution if you do venture in , I'm not sure how much help customer support will be be able to give you; should you bugger things up! I am stuggling to crack the 450k mark whereas yesterday during the day I was getting 750k .