Start Validating email using javascript

Validating email using javascript

These elements can then be referenced in the XML file that is returned by the Ajax call.

Step 5: Run the application, the page will displayed with disabled submit button.

Try to add value in the First Name and remove it, the validation will be executed and an Error message will be displayed as shown here: Note: With Angular 1.3 and ng-touched, as soon as the control has blurred, you can now set a style on it, regardless of whether the value in the control was actually edited or not.

The first is an HTML file containing the FORM which needs to be validated, and some Java Script which can be called from different fields in the form using event handlers (e.g. The Java Script code then passes data to the second file which is your validation script.

In this case it'ss a PHP file, but another server-side scripting language would work just as well.

My feeling is that this article already describes how to generate the XMLHttp Request (Ajax) request, passing GET or POST variables to a server-side script using our Java Script class, and the related article referred to above provides a complementary PHP class for generating XML responses, so really all that's left is basic programming to process the incoming variables and generate the relevant XML response.

For those having trouble getting started, here's a walk-through: Hopefully that solves the problems some people have had implementing the code.

For an Age input value of 12 the validation script returns the following XML document: s of elements in the HTML document.

See the article Web Services using XMLHttp Request (Ajax) for details on all avaiable commands and their parameters.

For assistance in generating a valid XML response using PHP, read the article Generating an XML Response for Ajax Applications where you'll find a PHP class that complements the preceding Java Script functions.

A couple of people have already asked for a copy of the script referred to in these examples.

If you enter an invalid Email address, or a value for Age outside the specified range, a .