Start Varadmmessages in solaris not updating

Varadmmessages in solaris not updating

The log contains information such as disk partitioning and formatting, software module installation status, and mount points.

In Windows, it is necessary to manipulate the access control list (ACL) of the file before renaming the file; a simple rename fails.

Both Windows and UNIX do share the behavior, if the file is open, and it is renamed, the process continues to write to that renamed file.

This is in contrast with processes, which open a file, write to it, and then close it.

If the file was open at the time of the rename, the process continues to finish the write operation before closing the file descriptor.

Refer to "Using newsyslog to rotate files containing logging messages on systems running Solaris " for more information.

The sulog file, /var/adm/sulog, is a log containing all attempts (whether successful or not) of the su command.

Follow this procedure to create and configure the file /var/adm/loginlog for unsuccessful login attempt logging: This entry indicates that a user attempted to log in as user adm on port /dev/pts/9 on May 5 at P. The last command displays login/logout and system boot information in time sequence order.