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"must keep my strength up." he rumbled and alice squirmed in her seat as she thought about what he meant. she noted several humans, including a man with a snow-tiger twice his size and another man with a vixen with huge breasts.

No sooner were they inside and the door was closed, than she was all over him, tearing off both their clothes. at fifteen inches long and four wide, she could only take in the first six inches, even deep throating, but it was enough.

she licked and slobbered over it, then took it as deep as possible and pumped the remaining outside portion of his shaft furiously, desperate for his cum.

her high-heeled pumps and black hose combined with her long red hair and green eyes to create the perfect 'fuck me now' image she was looking for. Soon, the bell rang and she rushed eagerly to open the door.

they entered and alice was amazed at the variety within.

they moved to one that served human-herbivore food and drink, and ordered.

he had a salad and a side order of dipping corn-sticks. as they ate, they watched the dancers writhe and gyrate.

alice quickly ducked into one of the other booths, watching through the crack as they straightened their crumpled clothes as best they could and left. " she cried, dropping to her knees and grabbing his swiftly hardening cock.