Start Violence linked to online dating

Violence linked to online dating

"Plenty of Fish didn't care, the police couldn't do anything - I felt all alone and terrified.

Miss Rowe told The Sun Online: "We first began chatting on Tinder, and that moved onto Whats App.

"I just saw him while peeking through a window but my boyfriend went out and explained to him what was going on.

"It just left me feeling so unsafe, like I didn't know who was doing this or why." The catfish profile received more than 40 approaches in a couple of hours, claiming she was "looking for some fun times!!!! She went to the police right away, but was shocked to find they couldn't help.

Miss Davis added: "The police just told me to be careful online, to take my Facebook down, to change my number and stuff like that." She claims that cops said they were unable to put the resources into tracing the malicious user, and that they may not have committed a crime.

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