Start Vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard

Vnc stops updating mouse and keyboard

We use Deep Freeze on all our public computers and have begun to deploy Faronics Anti-virus for both public and staff. Deep Freeze fits my K12 clients like a comfortable glove.

When that machine shuts down at the end of the day, next day when it starts all the unwanted stuff goes away and becomes brand new the next day.

Es un producto altamente valorado en nuestra institución porque en adición a lo anterior evita estar restringiendo a los alumnos en su objetivo de aprender experimentando.

Al final de la jornada educativa con una simple instrucción se vuelve a la configuración inicial con un significativo ahorro de tiempo.

My clients love it because it reduces support tickets/help desk calls and alleviates time to focus on their core business projects. I've had an excellent experience from start to finish.