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Warnings about online dating

In 1988, the government allowed new political parties to form, and the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) was born.

The Muslim Ottoman Empire, based in present-day Turkey, spread its influence over northern Africa (including what is today Algeria).

The Ottomans protected the region from invasion by the major European powers until the nineteenth century. The French annexed Algeria (claimed the country as part of their territory) and turned it into a colony.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued for parts of the UK, with temperatures set to drop below freezing on Thursday.

The Met Office has issued two yellow severe weather alerts warning that snow and ice could arrive early on Thursday, with the possibility of 2cm and 5cm of snow over northern Scotland and northeast England.

“People with diseases such as heart and lung conditions, older people, and young children can feel the ill-effects of cold weather more than the rest of us.

“To stay well this winter, we all need to play a part.

Tonight is expected to be the coldest night of the year in the UK so far, with the mercury expected to plummet to -10C in the Scottish Highlands.

The lowest temperature this year was recorded at Topcliffe in North Yorkshire, where it dropped to -6.3C.

Printed on everything from hairdryers to cheese, these common-sense precautions may help some folks avoid trouble, but for the rest of us, they're just good entertainment.

642 and 669 led to conversion of the Berbers to Islam.

“In Scotland air temperatures could drop down to -10C, but that’s likely only if you are out overnight in the Scottish mountains.” The Met Office has warned the freezing temperatures and showers will cause hazardous road conditions and could lead to rail disruptions.